Why us?

We’ve known each other since 1 September 1991. This was the first day of our freshman year in High School no. 1 in Gdańsk. We’ve spent the best days of our young lives in that class. Then we went on different paths. I started studying at the University of Technology and Marcin went to another University.

Tomasz Kaszkur

After I graduated I worked for several years as a programmer (Computerland, Nordea). Then, for nearly 10 years, I worked for Young Digital Poland, a digital publisher based in Gdańsk. My career path at the company was pretty comprehensive as I managed many projects, for example for clients from Malaysia, Korea, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. One of my projects was the Scholaris system, ordered by our Ministry of Education. At the time of its launch it was the largest library of digital educational content in the world.

Marcin Pastuszka

After graduating the Management and Marketing course Marcin was responsible for marketing and sales in commerce and manufacturing companies. Additionally, together with his wife he managed the best artistic photography studio in the Trójmiasto area, alternatywni.pl.

We joined our forces in 2009, when we founded Nabucco in order to operate in the world of technology and media. Nowadays we co-operate with many experts from the Trójmiasto area. They are the best specialists in their areas.

What are our strongest qualities and why should you work with us?


We predict trends.


We know how to look critically and reflectively at our work.


We are ready to use modern solutions.


We provide comprehensive services, but we don’t force anyone to introduce 360° solutions only because we use them.


We always try to adapt to our clients’ resources and competencies, so that the selected solutions are optimal, also cost-wise.


Business justification of our clients’ projects is our priority. We always try to understand it and customise our operations accordingly.

Contact us

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